About Me

I was born and raised in Muskoka and at a young age found myself drawn to story-telling and taking pictures. As a teenager I loved editing and creating yearbooks in high school, writing and taking pictures for my local newspaper and capturing photos of friends and sporting events.

I moved to Ottawa, Ontario for university, fell in love with the city and haven't left since. I am living and working as a full-time high school teacher in the nation's capital from September to June but I still try to spend as much time in Muskoka as possible.

I grew up around weddings all the time as my family's business is a popular Muskoka wedding venue. So I know all the ins and outs of planning and preparing for one of the biggest days of a person's life and how important it can be to surround yourself with hard-working, knowledgeable industry professionals.

With many years of freelance writing and service photography under my belt and after working with an incredibly talented photographer, I have branched out on my own and ever since then, I have loved every minute of getting to know the couples and people I capture.  

Although I am based in Ottawa and Muskoka, Ontario, Canada, I am willing to travel to any destination to tell the story of your wedding day or other special event. I offer competitive pricing and welcome any and all wedding, portrait or commission inquiries.

Please contact me with any questions or photography inquiries.

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